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“Booty Shaking” Banned From My House

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By LisaS - Posted on 30 July 2012

As a child of the sixties, I’ve gone braless and barefoot, worn miniskirts that gave my father chest pains, and protested just about every injustice I can think of. I’m telling you all this, because I want you to know that I’m not “hyper conservative,” square or “out of it” even though I live in the “bible belt” of this country.

That being said, there is one trend I simply cannot tolerate: Young girls “booty shaking.” When I see my daughter or any other young girl “shaking her booty” in my house, it disgusts me and I put a stop to it. No booty shaking in my house – period.

In Aiesha Turman’s blog she calls it child porn. I agree.

We’ve all probably seen our fair share of internet videos with little girls dropping it like it’s hot and giving it all they’ve got. I’m not linking to any of them, because I pretty much think they’re kiddie porn.

Spot on Aiesha!

Image Credit: Lisa S.